The first session of the People’s Health Series is this Sunday!

For all participants who registered, below you will find an overview of the content of the session, as well as links to the documents and readings. If you’re not registered, but are interested in the topics we’ll be learning about and discussing, stay posted for more information in the upcoming weeks, or consider registering, as there are still a couple of spaces available!

Does Capitalism make you Sick?  Biomedical vs Preventative Health

In this session of the People’s Health Series participants will:

  • Share a bit about yourself and your interest in the People’s Health Series
  • Discuss how health inequalities are related to social and economic conditions
  • Watch a movie on community-based health programs in the Philippines
  • Share your ideas for community-based health programs in Vancouver

Pre-session Materials:

Watch the two video clips from Unnatural Causes:

  1. Unnatural Causes Episode 1 Excerpt:  Health in America
  2. Unnatural Causes Episode 7 Excerpt: Growing Wealth Divide is Bad for Our Health

Read the Alliance for People’s Health Handout on APH Definitions and come prepared with your questions!

Check out Chapter 3 of  Health of the People Health of the Nation PDF entitled “Health and Liberation”.

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Melinda Markey < – interested in volunteer as well