Organizers from the Alliance for People’s Health joined VANDU today in a rally of over 100 protesters demonstrating against the recent BC Liberal cuts to welfare, health, and social programs for the most marginalized members of the working class.

Speaking to the crowd outside a DTES welfare office, Dave from the APH gave a rousing speech denouncing the Liberal cuts to the already completely inadequate dental coverage for those on income assistance, and for poor families currently covered by the ‘Healthy Kids’ program.   He encouraged folks to continue to struggle for our human right to health and to dignity by demanding that the cuts not only be reversed, but that dental coverage be included under MSP for all!  Think of our kids, he said, living in a society where already 1/4 poor people will lose their teeth due to inadequate or non-existent dental care. Shame on the BC Liberals and on Health Minister Kevin Falcon!

Click HERE for more information on the APH ‘Smile with Dignity’ dental campaign.  Or go to PovNet on the cuts.

Read the VANDU open letter to workers in the Ministry of Housing and Social Development entitled An Invitation to Solidarity