Solidarity with the 43 Imprisoned Health Care Workers in the Philippines!

Join the Alliance for Peoples Health at 4pm on Tuesday June 29 for a public information picket of the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver (700 W Pender @ Granville).  The APH will be delivering a letter to newly installed Philippine President Benigno Aquino III calling for the immediate release of the imprisoned health workers.

Everyone is encouraged to attend! Health care workers particularly encouraged to attend and to wear scrubs/ work clothes as a symbol of solidarity. The 43 health workers need your solidarity and support!

Time: Tuesday, June 29 @ 4pm

Location: Philippine Consulate – 700 W. Pender at Granville


The Morong 43 are health care workers who were illegally abducted and detained by Philippine security forces on February 6 of this year and have been held, tortured and denied access to their families, friends and children.  Accused of being ‘rebels’, the Morong 43 are in fact doctors, nurses and community health workers with a demonstrated commitment to working with the poorest and most oppressed sectors of Philippine society – women, peasants, workers and urban poor communities.  At the time of their abduction they were participating in a workshop on community health promotion.

These courageous health workers are being punished for criticising the deplorable health conditions in the Philippines and working for health for all.  IMF/ World Bank imposed neoliberal economic policies, privatization and the labour-export policy of the Philippines have devastated the Philippine health care system.  Community health programs like the ones the 43 abducted health care workers participate in seek to provide basic health care to communities facing poverty, marginalization and militarization, and build capacity in these communities to deal with public health problems.

More Background:

Pictures of some of the imprisoned health workers engaged in community health work and hosting solidarity activists from Vancouver in 2008: