In this week’s PHS session, we will share and discuss experiences of stress and anxiety with a focus on the sources of stress.  What do we share in common? What are the roots of these commonalities? What changes can we make as individuals, and what requires broader community action?  Share tips on how to manage stress and anxiety, and go deeper to strategize collective actions for change.

This session will include an activity examining stress and anxiety in our lives.  Each person draws a pie and divides in into slices representing where we spend our mental energy (where are we in our heads most of the time).  Then we will draw to scale where anxiety exists in those areas of our lives.  This exercise can be quite personal, so participants should share as much as they feel comfortable talking about.

This session will also include an opportunity for role playing positive changes we’d like to see in our own lives, and within our broader communities.  Let’s break down barriers to life change and take action together to improve health for all.

In Preparation:

  1. READ “Mental Health in a Sick Society: What are people for?” (copies sent by e-mail to registered participants)
  2. REVIEWStress and Anxiety: Time for a Change presentation
  3. WATCH Unnatural Causes: