The Alliance for People’s Health is excited to announce the upcoming Immigrant and Refugee Health Series.  This addition to the People’s Health Series has been long anticipated!

While the planning is ongoing throughout the summer and topics will not be finalized until August, this series will cover:

  1. Health Impacts of Forced Migration & De-Skilling
  2. Stress and Anxiety
  3. Healthy Eating, Wellness, and Diabetes Prevention
  4. Dental and Oral Care
  5. Having a Healthy Heart

As well as some suggested Community Building activities:

  1. Community Mapping for Health
  2. Community Kitchen – Sharing Our Favorites
  3. Sports Day and Picnic
  4. Culture and Creativity Night

All sessions, with the exception of our picnic, will take place on Thursday Evenings starting September 30th.

Are You Interested in People’s Health?

If you are interested in becoming a Community Health Advocate and Facilitator with the People’s Health Series – training takes place this summer starting in July! We provide the necessary training; you make the commitment to work with the Alliance for People’s Health for the improvement of health for all in our communities. Contact us for more information, but don’t delay!