APH Organizer Dave Hendry speaking at a VANDU rally

Organizers with the Alliance for People’s Health send our message of congratulations to VANDU members on their recent successes! 

As grassroots organizers, we acknowledge the dedication that it takes to struggle for the rights of working class and marginalized communities, too often overlooked by those who govern our fundamentally unjust society.   Your long battle with the City of Vancouver to address the serious issues of DTES residents is an inspiring example of how when we are united and organized we can change things for the better, one step at a time.

We applaud the lowering of the speed limit on Hastings as a step towards a more pedestrian friendly neighbourhood where people take precedence over private vehicles; we applaud the lengthening of public toilet hours, so that our community members have the dignity they deserve; and we whole-heartedly support the vendors market, creating economic independence for DTES residents.

Communities who face multiple barriers to political, economic, and social inclusion in society can take a lesson from the democratic and inclusive organizing that VANDU has spearheaded in the DTES.

APH organizers will continue to stand in solidarity with VANDU members, and we look forward to more victories in the future.