THE PEOPLE’S health series

aph_healthseries_V5The Alliance for People’s Health presents:

THE PEOPLE’S health series

A series of FREE workshops to build skills and knowledge around collective health and well-being

Pre-registration Required.  All workshops 1pm-4pm.
Childcare available. Snacks provided.
For more information contact:
439 Dunlevy Avenue, Vancouver BC

April 6: The People’s History:  This interactive workshop will explore the roots of our personal health histories, as it relates to taking care of our health in the context of our current situation and the communities which we are part of.

APR 27: PATIENT’S RIGHTS: Taking Control of our Health Navigating the current healthcare system as patients can be intimidating and confusing. Join us as we examine patients’ rights and how we, as individuals and communities, can take control of our health and our health care.

MAY 25: Stress & Anxiety Share tips on how to manage and cope with stress and anxiety in your life through learning relaxation techniques and other methods. Discuss what are the roots of our stress and anxiety and what we share in common. Talk about what we can change as individuals and what we can change through collective action.

JUN 15: DENTAL CARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT! Learn about the basics of taking care of your teeth and how to take care for the teeth of the children in your family. Discuss as a group how the lack of access to dental care impacts our communities

Free our minds: Stress, anxiety, and the state of society

The Alliance for People’s Health is excited to host a two-part workshop on mental health:

Free our minds: Stress, anxiety, and the state of society

  • Discuss the root causes of stress and anxiety in day-to-day life
  • Gain valuable preventative skills and resources
  • Define positive mental health and how we can achieve it
  • Find out what mental health services are available

SESSION ONE: Self, Skills and Community Care: Anxiety, Stress and Depression
SESSION TWO: Building Positive Mental Health
**Registration is required and participants are encouraged to attend both sessions.

Who should come?

Everyone is welcome and the event is free! In particular, residents of the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood including youth and adults are invited to attend the sessions. Childcare, a healthy meal and bus tickets are available free of cost for each session.
Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27, from 6:00pm – 8:30pm
672 E Broadway (at Fraser Street)

Contact us for more information or to register!

(604) 215-2775

Now Accepting Applications for the Immigrant and Refugee Health Series!

Immigrant and Refugee Health Series – Now Accepting Applications!

The Alliance for People’s Health is excited to announce the upcoming Immigrant and Refugee Health Series.  This addition to the People’s Health Series has been long anticipated! We are NOW accepting applications!

This new series runs for 9 consecutive Thursdays @ 6:30 pm, September 30 to November 25.



Due to the high demand for the sessions and our need for consistent participation, we are requesting that people who want to join the series send us this very short APPLICATION FORM

You may return this application form to us in 3 ways:

  1. Mail it to us through Canada Post to: The Alliance for Peoples Health, 672 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 1X6
  2. Email it to us at: allianceforpeopleshealth (at) gmail (dot) com
  3. Or drop it in person at our office – if no one is available when you drop it off, slide through the gate and we’ll get it!

We will be confirming all participants by September 16, and would prefer to do so by telephone, so be sure to include your phone number!

For more detailed information on the sessions and how the series works, please click HERE

Popular Education Workshop for Community Health Organizers

Are you interested in helping APH organizers run the People’s Health Series, the Women’s Health Series, or the Immigrant and Refugee Health Series? Have you always wanted to join the APH but have been waiting for the right time?  Join us for our organizer training!

July 24 – 9:00 – 5:00 – 672 East Broadway (@ Fraser)

Pre-Registration Required! Email us at: allianceforpeopleshealth (at) gmail (dot) com

Lunch provided. Reading materials listed below.


1.  Experience sharing: what have been our experiences of education?

2. What is popular education? Examine and discuss the history and development of popular education and a  pedagogy of the oppressed, with an in-depth overview of the core elements of popular education.

3. Social consciousness on a mass level:  Using popular education to build a movement. Learn the step-by-step process of building popular social consciousness that local and international movements have used and are currently using. In a fun and supportive environment, try out some popular consciouness-raising techniques!

4. On-the-ground work: What does an organizer/community worker do, what is their role in the movement? Now look more specifically at how individual organizers and Community Health Workers use popular education techniques in their day to day organizational work in the community.  Practice using the techniques in a variety of situations.

5.  Using popular education: The Immigrant and Refugee Health Series. Put into practice what we’ve learned through participatory planning for the upcoming Immigrant and Refugee Health Series.

6. Wrap-up: Synthesizing the day!

Required readings:
Pedagogy of the Oppressed – Chapter Two – by Paolo Friere
On Practice – by Mao Tse Tung

Optional readings:
Meeting Facilitation: the No Magic Method – by Berit Lakey
BRU Night Owls campaign leaflet – by the Bus Riders Union
The Tyranny of Structurelessness – by Jo Freeman

Cabbage Roll Making Workshop

Sunday July 11th – 11am-2pm
At the Organizing Centre for Social and Economic Justice – 672 East Broadway (at Fraser)

The Food Action Collective for Transformation and Sustainability (FACTS) – is organizing a cabbage roll making workshop that will be held in conjunction with the People’s Health Series.

For folks who may not know, cabbage rolls are eaten throughout Eastern Europe and West Asia. They can be stuffed with a combination of meat, rice and vegetables. This is a great opportunity to learn how to make a savory specialty, and spend time with some great folks.  Vegan and meat options will be made.

Feel free to invite people from your organization, family and friends.  We do need to know ahead of time how many people will be coming aside from regular People’s Health Series participants, so please let us know by Friday, July 9th if you are planning on coming. You can reach Peter to RSVP at 604-346-9098, or

If you can, please bring $5 to help cover the cost of ingredients.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Popular Education Training for Community Health Organizers

This summer, the Alliance for People’s Health is actively recruiting and training facilitators for the fall Immigrant and Refugee Health Series, as well as for our ‘Smile With Dignity’ Dental Campaign.

Join us as we take action for ‘Health for All!’

1. Popular Education Training

July 24 ~ 9:00 – 5:00

A day-long workshop designed to provide you with the understanding and the tools to apply the theory and practice (praxis) of Popular Education to workshops, in organizing in the community, and in making a contribution to movement building!

Registration is required! Send us an email & let us know who you are and why you are interested. There are required pre-readings for this workshop. There is no cost and lunch will be provided.

2. Participatory Planning and Ongoing Organizer Mentorship

Participants of the July 24 Popular Education Training will be invited to join the Alliance for People’s Health for ongoing participatory planning of APH activities, including the Fall Immigrant and Refugee Health Series.  You will be partnered with seasoned organizers and guided through the process of planning and implementing workshops and organizational activities.

The first meeting of the Immigrant and Refugee Health Series Facilitation and Organizer Team will be August 5th ~ 6:30 – 8:30.

3. Commitment to Social Justice and ‘Health for All!’

In exchange for training and mentor-ship, the Alliance for People’s Health asks for a commitment to help us with promotion, direct-contact organizing, and facilitation of either a People’s Health Series, starting with the Immigrant and Refugee Health Series, or ‘Smile With Dignity’ Dental Campaign activities.   A realistic minimum commitment is 10 hours per month; we understand that we all lead busy lives, so talk to us about how much you can contribute!

Immigrant and Refugee Health Series – Coming This Fall!

The Alliance for People’s Health is excited to announce the upcoming Immigrant and Refugee Health Series.  This addition to the People’s Health Series has been long anticipated!

While the planning is ongoing throughout the summer and topics will not be finalized until August, this series will cover:

  1. Health Impacts of Forced Migration & De-Skilling
  2. Stress and Anxiety
  3. Healthy Eating, Wellness, and Diabetes Prevention
  4. Dental and Oral Care
  5. Having a Healthy Heart

As well as some suggested Community Building activities:

  1. Community Mapping for Health
  2. Community Kitchen – Sharing Our Favorites
  3. Sports Day and Picnic
  4. Culture and Creativity Night

All sessions, with the exception of our picnic, will take place on Thursday Evenings starting September 30th.

Are You Interested in People’s Health?

If you are interested in becoming a Community Health Advocate and Facilitator with the People’s Health Series – training takes place this summer starting in July! We provide the necessary training; you make the commitment to work with the Alliance for People’s Health for the improvement of health for all in our communities. Contact us for more information, but don’t delay!