The Alliance for People’s Health provides community health programming and activities to advance the health of working class and marginalized communities in Vancouver.

The Community Health Worker Team of the Alliance for People’s Health designs and implements our Community Health programming.
If you are interested in becoming a member of our CHW Team, please contact us for more information.

There are several ways that the Alliance for People’s Health leads community health services…


1. The People’s Health Series

The purpose of the People’s Health Series is to look at some of the most common areas of  health concern, to examine how we can improve preventative health measures in our own lives, while looking simultaneously at the social and structural determinants of health to see where as a community we can work together to improve our collective power and self-determination to improve health for all.

To date the APH offers 3 series: the People’s Health Series, the Women’s Health Series, and the Immigrant and Refugee Health Series.

These series of events provide popular health information as well as provide a long-term perspective on improving the health of those communities most at risk due to social and economic status.

2. Workshops for Community Organizations

The APH offers targetted workshops for community groups and organizations. We are able to offer a wide range of workshops from examining stress and anxiety, to food justice, to cardio-vascular health – all from a progressive and popular perspective.

3. Advocacy & Service Referral

The APH compiles information on accessing free or reduced-cost services in the Lower Mainland, as well as targetting services for those with particular health concerns. If you are looking for a particular resource, or have information about a great resource you have used – send it our way.

4. Training for Community Health Workers

Finally, the CHW Team launched in January 2011 as the coordinating body of the APH Community Health Programming. If you are passionate about health, and interested in learning how you can be of service to your community, contact us today!