FACTS: Food Action Collective for Transformation and Sustainability

Every person has a human right to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.

Have you ever…

  • skipped a meal so your kids can get enough to eat?
  • had to decide between buying the groceries you need and paying for other things like rent, bills, and bus fare?
  • relied on the Food Bank?
  • chosen less healthy options because they are cheaper?
  • bought spoiled, damaged, or expired food to save money?
  • eaten unhealthy ‘fast food’ because you don’t have enough time and/or money for a healthy alternative?
  • felt like you don’t have real control over what you eat?

… then get involved in FACTS!

Born out of the 2008-2009 People’s Health Series, FACTS is a grassroots group of people working for food justice in our community. We are not a social service program or a food bank, we are a group of community members dedicated to organizing to meet our own food needs, and fighting for social and economic justice.

What is Food Justice?

  1. The Right To Food: everyone has a human right to adequate income to get enough fresh, healthy food to meet their nutritional, social, and cultural needs. There is no excuse for hunger when we are surrounded by so much wealth and waste in our city and in our world. We need higher welfare rates, EI, and minimum wage to feed our families!
  2. Justice for Workers in the Food Industry: very low wages are widespread among agricultural labourers, food processing, food services, and fast food workers; especially among immigrant and migrant workers. While these workers are the ones who grow, prepare, and distribute our food, they often don’t make enough to feed themselves properly. Food workers need a living wage and safe, secure, and dignified working conditions.
  3. Sustainable and Socially Just Production: production and distribution of need to be done in ways that supports healthy communities. The current for-profit model is responsible for low-wages for food workers, ecologically unsustainable practices, and inadequate access to fresh and healthy food particularly in low income communities. Rather than the current model of subsidies and tax breaks to big food corporations, the government needs to support farmers who produce food in ecologically sustainable ways and pays their workers a living wage.

To GET INVOLVED IN FACTS e-mail the Alliance for People’s Health and we will connect you with the FACTS group!


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