Host an APH Workshop

One of the primary goals of the Alliance for People’s Health is to meet the health needs of our communities, with a particular focus on where the public health care system is falling short for working class and marginalized communities.

To this end, the APH offers regular series’ of workshops called the “People’s Health Series” to address the primary health concerns that have been consistently raised during our participatory action research in our communities.  Aside from the “People’s Health Series” the APH is pleased to provide workshops for unions, community organizations, non-profit organizations, Faith-Based groups, housing co-ops, classes, and school groups.

Topics We Offer:

  • What’s on the Table? Food Justice and Community Health
  • Healthy Eating, Wellness, and Diabetes Prevention
  • Free Our Minds: Stress, Anxiety, and the State of Society
  • Written On Our Bodies: Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Physical Activity
  • Smile with Dignity! Dental Care is a Human Right
  • Women’s Sexual Health
  • Health Services for Low Income Communities: What’s Available?
  • Smoking and People’s Health: What We Can Do to Quit
  • And more! Tell us what you’re interested in or what your group’s need is…


Each workshop flows from experience and analysis to how to take action to improve our health.  Each workshop contains both practical health information, as well as deeper discussion on making systemic changes to improve the health of our communities as a whole.
The ideal group size for each workshop is 8 to 30 participants. Larger groups would require a different format to accommodate.
The length of each workshop is 3 hours.


The cost of materials and 2 faciliatators from the APH to guide the workshop is $250.  We charge this fee to support our ongoing work, and certainly do not make a profit!  However, we will do workshops on sliding scale (as low as free!) for non-profit and progressive community organizations.   Contact us and we will be happy to negotiate a plan that suits your organization or group.