We envision healthy communities where everyone has access to health care, housing, education, transportation, childcare, food, and meaningful employment.  These basic requirements for health cannot be achieved for all under a system that oppresses and exploits working class people, women, people of color and Aboriginal people.  The foundations of a healthy world are the just distribution of wealth, national self-determination, and the liberation of oppressed peoples from unjust trade, militarization, occupation and war.

The struggle for health for all requires:

  • Community organization
  • Health workers joining local and international movements for social justice
  • Public health care centered on the needs and visions of working-class communities in particular Aboriginal communities, communities of color.

The fight for our health is also the fight for our social, political and economic rights.  To this end the Alliance for People’s Health struggles through concrete political campaigns, committed service to our communities and international campaigns for social justice.  Only through our united efforts can we make a significant contribution towards a just, liberated and healthy world.


To achieve our vision, APH community organizers adhere to the following 4-point strategy:

  1. Build a new working class knowledge on the social production of health and disease
  2. Redistribute wealth by defending and expanding public services
  3. Build alternative models of community owned, controlled and provided health and social services
  4. Provide concrete solidarity to and learn from national liberation struggles and social movements