Some of Our Favorite Resources

A Primer on APH: our booklet style version of our strategy and analysis.APH Primer Spring 2013

Vicente Navarro.  What we mean by the social determinants of health.  International Journal of Health Services, Volume 39, Number 3, Pages 423–441, 2009.  Available for download at:

Richard Levins.  Is Capitalism a Disease? The Crisis in U.S. Public Health Care. Monthly Review 52 no.4: 8-33 S, 2000.  Available for download in google articles and on the Monthly Review website.

Nancy Krieger and Mary Basseti.  The Health of Black Folk: Disease, Class, and Ideology in Science.  Available for download at:

Bert De Belder, M.D.  Coordinator: Medical Aid for the Third World, Belgium.  Health Under Threat by Imperialist Globalization: Keynote address for the workshop on health Founding Assembly, International League of Peoples’ Struggle Zutphen, the Netherlands, 25-27 May 2001.  Available for download from:

Laravic T. Flores.  Health of the People Health of the Nation. Chapters 2 & 3 available for download from:

Pol De Vos, Wim De Ceukelaire, Geraldine Malaise, Dennis Pérez, Pierre Lefèvre,Patrick Van der Stuyft.  Health through People’s Empowerment: A Rights-Based Approach to Participation.  Health and Human Rights, Vol. 11, No. 1 (2009), pp. 23-35.  Available for download from:

Anne-Emanuelle Birn. Making it Politic(al): Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on the Social Determinants of Health. Social Medicine ( Volume 4, – 166 – Number 3, September 2009. Available for download from:

David Werner: “Health Care, Empowerment, and Social Change”, from “Questioning the Solution: The Politics of Primary Health Care and Child Survival”:

Martha Roberts. Social and Structural Determinants of Health in the Philippines.  Available at:

Willie Baptist. On The Poor Organizing The Poor.  Available for download from:

James Petras.  NGOs in the Service of Imperialism.  Available for download from:

Julian Tudor Hart. Mental Health in a Sick Society: What are people for? Published in the Socialist Register, 2010.

Unnatural Causes Video Excerpts:

Unnatural Causes Episode 1 Excerpt:  Health in America

Unnatural Causes Episode 7 Excerpt: Growing Wealth Divide is Bad for Our Health

There’s no such thing as small stuff:

Ottawa Charter:

World Health Organization Commission on the Social Determinants of Health final report:

Dennis Raphael and folks: